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Ecobuild has made a breakthrough in traditional gardening and achieved a whole new vertical green wall and green roof , gardening and landscape architectural concept with their won patented design modular systems.

ECCO GWS Green Wall System is an advanced modular pre-fabricated panel system in metal, wooden framework structure that can be either pre-Grown or planted in place. Its rugged construction and ease of installation make it a perfect choice for turning city concrete walls into live green panel. Added to this are the advanced technology in automatic watering, damp pipe and Bio-engineering that accelerate the development of Green Wall globally.


ECCO-GW Green Wall System is developed locally to tailor for the construction of green walls in building facade, commercial arcades, road sound barrier, sport ground / garden fence wall, shop front and interior wall, indoor games hall, domestic beautifying. Every vertical or inclined concrete surface of building structure can be installed with the Green Wall system to provide beautifying and air-purification environment for new and existing building structure

Green Roof

ECOB-GRS Green Roof System are layered roofing systems that include waterproof and root-resistant membranes, a drainage system, filter cloth, growing media and plants. They can be created in place or installed using modular sections. Green roofs have limited impact in short span construction. Things are looking up for urbanites who have little or no yard space and want to enjoy the benefit of garden.


Apart from beautifying the roof, greening the roof also provides protection by reducing the daily temperature of the building roof and thus improving the surrounding temperature over time - a great contribution to reduce ‘Heat Island Effect’. Less energy for air-conditioning will be used to keep the building indoor temperature as a result of the Green Roof,. In turn, energy saving of power leads to less generated power from power plant that would further reduce the global warming effect.


ECCO AIS irrigation system provides the watering to green wall, green roof, landcaping and gardening in the intelligent ways with pre-set timer and watering conditions for each site under different customre and planting requirement.


Watering is vital to the survival of the plants through their life cycle according to different plant spieces.



Our expert team will design and find the best solution to optimise the use of water with less maintenance throughout the year of planting. With the deployment of intellignet devices, it has been feasible to control and monitor the watering conditions from remote or using the IT technology of internet through iPhone or iPAD. This would be the new direction of intelligent control and monitoring developement of Ecobuild in the recent year.


ECCO GAD Gardening are being constantly developed to be  an industry model in gardening as a perfect fusion of traditional wisdom and state-of-science knowledge.Creative solution, artistic touch, efficiency and attentive to clients needs have always been the core value in our operation. Clients shall experience a refreshed and unprecedented impression on the professionalism of gardening in great difference against past practices. 


Design and build gardening construction are one of the focus of our business. On top of conventional gardening services, we are committed to getting up-to-date gardening supplies, technology and idea into our services and products.

Eccobuild shall be unique choice of all customers pursuing for high standard of works and new idea of gardening for green buiding and domestic green lovers.

Building Sustainability

" We aim to improve the environment and helping to make the cities we live in more sustainable green.

Subsequently buildings become more energy efficient which leads to a decrease in carbon emissions.

In other way, green structure acts as a kind of protective barrier which shields a building from solar radiation

and heat penetration. This reduces the demand on cooling systems with less heat generated inside house."

Alfred Chan, Project Manager

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