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As one of the pioneer in green wall and green roof industries, Ecobuild has been appointed by government, building devlopers, Estate Management Offices and private organizations to participate greening project at various site locations . Below are some of the most successful cases:
Discovery Bay Highway


The astounding one of the largest outdoor green wall with specific plant spicies and patterns on the main access road ro Discovery Bay Resort.


Cooper Road Luxury Building Swimming Pool Side Green Wall


The inovative structural green wall formed as green partition wall fencing out the swimming pool area and outside with good anesthetic view. Our design and enginering team create a strikingly beautiful, unique and original work of art designed to best complement its surroundings.

Double Cove CLub House Green Wall and Green Roof


The fcombinations of greenwalls ,green roofs and planter box decoration at different location and walls inside the club house are one of the best achievement in the greening industries with breakthrough in design, selection of spiceis, patterning, irrigation system and on going maintenance program of work.

Central Plaza Carpark Entrance Greenwall


The project beautifies the carpark entrance with entire greenwall structural along the pathway to underground carpark. The difficulties lie in the curve shape of the greenwall and high distance above the ground.



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