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Ecobuild has made a breakthrough in traditional gardening and achieved a whole new vertical green wall and green roof , gardening and landscape architectural concept with their won patented design modular systems.
Living Moss Wall

The natural Moss livning picture designed by Greener is one of the most significant breakthrough in living picture to provide sense of primitive forest inside building. With top quality deermoss improted from Europe, the Live Moss Wall is suitable for indoor decoration emphasizing on natural and simpicity.Good for office, clubhouse, domestic and shops. Multi-color of deermoss are offered for selection.


Indoor Green Wall Decor 

The new designed greenwall system by Greener is suitable for indoor planting with easy to install modular system and water-recycle irrigation system, which can provide excellent decorative setting for indoor building designers.


The greewall would be living or artifical depending on the customer requriement.

LED Growth Light


LED Grow light was widely used in Horticulture and hydroponics, Commercial plant growing and Indoor gardening. The light can be LED tube, flood light or down light with single or mix color LEDs to provide the requirement temperature color and luminious flux for different kinds of plants .


Main Features

-Superbright SMD LED

-Beam Angle: 120 degree

- Color: red only, blue only, or red+blue
                 Red  (650-660nm)
                 Blue (460-465nm)

- working voltage: 85~125VAC or 185~265VAC

- Lifetime: over 50,000hours

- power factor: over 0.90


Building Sustainability

" We aim to improve the environment and helping to make the cities we live in more sustainable green.

Subsequently buildings become more energy efficient which leads to a decrease in carbon emissions.

In other way, green structure acts as a kind of protective barrier which shields a building from solar radiation

and heat penetration. This reduces the demand on cooling systems with less heat generated inside house."

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